“Be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbours and let each NEW YEAR find you a better man.”- Benjamin Franklin.

Welcome back from the summer holidays to all Spartonians, all our awesome customers, and our trustworthy suppliers!

It’s crazy how in the past, Januaries were always used as a breather after “silly season”, a time to look back or reminisce on the past year. But somehow that too seems to be a thing of the past, every year seems to go by quicker and quicker no time for a breather. I haven’t even had time to enjoy the silly gifts Santa gave me this year, what is a weed eater anyway?

First I’d like to kick off the year on behalf of the Spartan group and the Directors by thanking our Awesome customers for their loyal support and complete trust in choosing us to serve their every need on time – every time. We appreciate your business and will continue striving to uphold and strengthen our accustomed high service levels.

Thank you also to all Spartonians our true Assets in the company for your loyalty and willingness to share your skills and expertise in order for the above mentioned to happen on a national level with pride and passion. Thank you to our trustworthy suppliers for the support to our staff in order to pull off high service levels in sometimes extreme tough working conditions.

Congratulations! Spartan group for the growth shown in market share, staff compliment, fleet size and fleet mix. These are clear signs of a very healthy and energetic dynamic Company. Watch out 2014 here we come!!!!!

On behalf of the Directors, we wish you all a successful, healthy and safe 2014 as we continue to move forward together to reach our goals and targets.

“It always seems impossible until it is done.”-Nelson Mandela.