Additional Services

Additional Vehicle Rental Services

At Spartan Truck Hire, we offer various additional vehicle rental services that are often essential services.

Driver and assistants

We offer trained drivers and assistants to drive our trucks and they are charged out on an hourly daily or monthly rate.


A delivery service is available at reasonable rates should you require your hired truck to be delivered.

Roaming site managers

This service applies when a client hires a substantial number of vehicles or has a loading issue. One of our roaming site managers would be present on your site to assist you, the client.

Tracking and recovering

Our vehicles all have a state of the art recovery system and on request provide a real time tracking system all monitored by our loss control department. A system that offers “peace of mind”.


There are a number of options available when in inquiring about rates. For example, daily, weekly, monthly truck rental and quoted trip rates are available on request.

Please direct your queries here.