Nimble enough to be able to adapt to changing times and market conditions, yet big enough to make an impact on the logistics industry – that’s Spartan Truck Hire.

Vehicle Rental Company

With a 28-year successful operating history and on the firm base of a 632-strong fleet, Spartan Truck Hire is embarking on new marketing thrusts. 

Spartan Truck Hire is much more than a truck rental outfit. It may be that our company name suggests ‘rental only’ but our powerful customer base of blue-chip clients has allowed us to diversify and broaden our focus to other avenues of transportation such as Hazchem, event logistics and notably construction, which sustains our flagship fleet of crane trucks.

As a specialized client service Spartan has one of the largest crane truck fleets in southern Africa. Included with a crane truck, a Code 32 crane-qualified Spartan driver ensures all legal operating requirements under the OHS (Occupational Health & Safety Act) have been met. Many truck users are unaware that a heavy-duty EC1/EC licence does not allow a truck driver to operate a truck- ounted crane. At Spartan a truck-mounted hydraulic crane is also matched to the correct truck chassis gross vehicle mass and equipped with appropriate fail-safe devices for operating safety.

The new focus at Spartan is on dedicated fleet management solutions. We have all the required credentials needed to do business in South Africa today. For example, a 35% controlling interest in Spartan Truck Hire is held by Safika Holdings, a giant in the South African economy and one of the foremost Black-owned companies which in turn significantly contributes to the companies and the customer’s empowerment scorecards. Our fleet is tracked and traced under the auspices of our Loss Control Department ensuring we manage and control the majority of road transport risks to give our customers peace of mind. As part of Spartan’s dedicated fleet management solution to track and trace we monitor driver performance and instil driver education in instances where there is overspeeding, over-revving, harsh braking and excessive idling.”

It is the intention to grow the Dangerous Goods (DG) market segment because the company has considerable expertise in the HAZCHEM area. This is one area in which Spartan Truck Hire excels in terms of signage and insurance. Most people are unaware that the DG list exceeds 2500 commodities. This leaves much room for expertise and risk management on behalf of customers whose core business is not transport but the manufacture and distribution of DG products.

Spartan welcomes the challenges of specialisation. We are very successful in providing event logistics. This usually involves a precisely-timed movement of cargo on a nationwide basis to meet the demands of event organisers.

Arnold Friedman, Spartan Truck Hire chief executive, makes the point that the company’s most important asset is its people who through their dedication deliver a high standard of service. Spartan’s 144 staff complement is flexible and easy to communicate with. This is vital in Spartan’s chosen market segments of fast-moving consumer goods, construction, event logistics and HAZCHEM. There is of course a logistics component attached to all these segments.

Spartan Truck Hire started operations 28 years ago from a little ‘ZOZO’ office in Kempton Park. The founder Syd Friedman, then aged 61, and son Arnold signed a franchise contract with Liberty Car Hire to commence business in the vehicle rental side. Syd Friedman, a mechanic by trade, had all the qualities for truck hire – entrepreneurship, hands-on and extremely hard-working. This legacy and endurance has been continued and is embraced by all in Spartan Truck Hire as it streamlines its future marketing focus.