Opening, its doors for business in 2001, Spartan Truck Hire Cape started in the company’s tradition of independent survival as a small business that grows into a big operation.

“After eight years of flourishing service to Western Cape transport users, Spartan Cape now controls over 150 vehicles and has access to the 634-strong national Spartan Truck Hire fleet consisting of 1-ton bakkies all the way to a 34-ton interlink truck and trailer combination,” says Spartan Cape’s Key Accounts Manager Natalie Sass.

New opportunities for Western Cape FMCG (fast-moving-consumer-goods) truck operators is that Spartan Cape is enlarging its refrigerated truck fleet in response to customer demand for this transport application.

She points out that “Spartan Cape has a renewed customer-centric focus and flexibility to match a variety of road transport needs. One area that we have been successfully operating is in ‘event logistics’. With all the activities planned for 2010, we can really assist in managing this challenge for clients who do not want to divert their normal transport operations into one-off events.”

Spartan Cape’s success has flowed from its own centrally-located property in Paarden Eiland. But customer service means being ‘on-the-spot’. In line with this customer-centric approach, Spartan Cape has acquired additional premises in the Cape Metropolis’ outer area of Saxenburg Park in Blackheath and in Bellville. This will translate into reduced vehicle travel time, avoidance of congested traffic flows and improved service levels, she says.

The major headache for anyone using road transport is the challenge of vehicle downtime. Spartan Cape has technicians on 24-hour standby to deal with any roadside emergency, added to which the 150-strong Cape fleet can provide a replacement unit at short notice.

“And that’s why when it comes to assessing the risks associated with owning and working a truck fleet, an increasing number of ancillary fleet users are contracting out their operations to full contract management where risk and loss control is transferred to professionals such as Spartan Cape,” says Sass.

Spartan Cape Town