Spartan Angels


Spartan Angels, a registered NPO, is the culmination of years of Community Social Responsibility (CSR) work done by Spartan Truck Hire and its founders to give back to the communities we operate in. We are excited to finally streamline our different CSR projects into one focused vehicle to impact lives in South Africa the Spartan Way through Spartan Angels.

Over the past 30 years, we have grown into a leading truck rental and related services provider in South Africa and we do not take our success for granted. We want to show our gratitude by combining our efforts with people and entities who are making a sustainable difference in impoverished communities in South Africa.

Even our customers are getting on board. Not only are our customers actively requesting to join the Spartan team on outreach days, but they cherish the fact that they can contribute to such an initiative with a percentage of every sale we make at Spartan Truck Hire or its group of companies being contributed to Spartan Angels.


Vision & Mission

As a conscionable business in South Africa, Spartan Angels help our clients to give back by doing what you have always done: using the services of Spartan Truck Hire or its subsidiary companies. A percentage of every sale is contributed to Spartan Angels. In addition, you are contributing to transformation and improving your organisation’s transformation / BEE score.

We also offer our customers real opportunities to get involved in the projects we support.

Our unique approach to driving sustainable impact stems from the fact that we do not just give “hand-outs”.
Our objective has always been informed by the following proverb:

“Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day.
Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”

That is why, alongside the donation of necessary perishables, equipment and items needed for basic living, we also bring hope through:

  • Investing, encouraging and supporting communities in the areas of education, wellness and sport
  • Utilising our in-house training capacity to uplift and empower individuals and provide them with skills that will enable them to enter into or advance in the workforce
  • Identifying needs and providing assistance on a case-by-case basis
  • Working alongside established relief efforts in the community to provide assistance that is sustainable
  • Using our core services and strengths to assist wherever possible

Some of the initiatives we have been privileged to be a part of are:

  • Lokoloha Créche in Thembisa (200 children) – Providing facecloths, toilets, mattresses, a jungle gym and making structural changes to enable these children to be cared for in a safe and healthy environment. Parents and staff were immensely grateful;
  • Edenhaven Old Age Home – Collecting and delivering a donation of beds from Linksfield Hospital to this non-profit organization which is running at over a 100% capacity;
  • Other projects we are actively involved in include a soup kitchen and animal welfare initiatives.

Our wish at Spartan Angels is to touch individual lives and provide the people of our country with the freedom to succeed and flourish.



Our People

Outside, we may be as tough as our trucks, but inside we are ‘all heart’.

Spartan Angels was birthed from our family of loyal, responsible, compassionate employees and founders who are committed to driving change, boosting transformation, helping Africa grow and giving back – in the same way we always have.

We transfer our passion for excellent, caring customer service into every encounter we have as Spartan Angels.

We are ‘Proud to be Angels’

Our Initiatives

While we are already involved in the Soup Kitchen, in helping and donating to various animal welfare organisations and the Lokoloha Créche in Thembisa, our team of Angels are constantly and consistently identifying new ventures and programmes we can come alongside and support.

Some of the future initiatives we would like to launch are:

Sport • Spartan Boxing Academy

Through sport, we aim to get our youth off the streets, encourage them to get active, reinforce the importance of health and wellness and help build a supportive community.

Partnerships in sports events (like the Soweto Marathon)

Again, to encourage health, wellness and fitness. Sport also creates a great sense of community and helps increase self worth.

Lokoloha Créche

The building is old and dilapidated and in dire need of upliftment. Spartan Angels are committed to constant rehabilitation of the space to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for the children.

We are also focused on skills development, training and personal finance management of the communities in which we serve.


Contact us to find out more about our projects, to donate or to get involved and become part of the Spartan Angels Family.

We are ‘Proud to be Angels’


Tel: 011 394 3685
Fax: 011 394 3645

Address: 18 Derrick Road, Spartan, Kempton Park, 1620