Steps to make 2018 a fantastic year with a 2018 Goal List

Did you know only 8% of people who set new years resolutions actually see them through?

Every new year, we see all these memes on how people make resolutions and then don’t follow through.  For instance, how people join the gym because they want to get fit, but then never follow through. 

Tips on Setting Goals and how to achieve them:

Be one of the 8% that see your goals through!  Follow these steps to achieve your goals and make 2018 your success year.

  • Firstly download the 2018 Goal List that we provided, and read through it.   Before you fill the list out, write down all your goals on a separate paper.  
  • Simplify your goals. Writing too many goals down may cause you to lose focus.  It is easier to achieve fewer goals with more focus than it is to achieve many with your focus everywhere. 
  • Think about why you want to achieve these specific goals.  When you look back at your list, it is important to remember why you set these specific goals. This will motivate you to keep working towards them. 
  • Think about how you will feel once you have achieved these goals.  This is also important to keep you motivated and keep you focused on your achieving your goals. 
  • Create a MAP (Massive Action Plan) so that you can establish the “How” in achieving your goal.  Without knowing what your action plan is, how will you know your road to success? For example, if you want your company to increase 30% in profit, then you need to set new targets, decide if you will employ more employees or if you will tap into a new target market or if you want to get a promotion to decide what is needed to achieve this; do you need to take up a new skills course or do you need to meet certain targets?  
  • Then finally write them down on your 2018 Goal List and put them up in your office or somewhere where you can look at them every day.  
  • It is important to remember who you are, and what you have accomplished this far. So we have added a column to remind you about the past year and to be grateful for how far you have come!

We at Spartan hope and trust that 2018 be a super fantastic year for everyone!

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2018 Goals