Safety tips when traveling this holiday season

Every year thousands of South Africans flock from one province to another for December holidays. Many of them travel with their own vehicles by road to avoid the extra expense of vehicle rentals at their holiday destination or alternative traveling costs.  Every year, the statistics of road accidents spike during the holiday season.  In 2016 there where 1714 fatalities alone, which was a 5% increase from 2015.  

Some Great Preparation tips before you hit the road:

Spartan Truck Hire urges South African’s to take extra special precaution when travelling this holiday.  Take the necessary safety precautions before a long trip.  Here are 10 things you need to check before you hit the road:

  1.  Perform basic maintenance on your vehicle such as checking the tires thread, pressure & look for bulges on the sides, inspect the window wipers, and check the water & oil levels.
  2. Get your local automotive garage to inspect your break pads to ensure that they aren’t worn. 
  3. Bring supplies in case of an accident, such as a medical kit, a flash light, a blanket and extra snacks just in case. 
  4. Invest in a car cellphone charger.  You never know what situation you might be in, and with the peace of mind that you cellphone will always be charged. 
  5. Pack extra water.  December is one of the hottest months in South Africa, and travelling in a hot car for a long distance, it is crucial to keep yourself hydrated.
  6. Be patient!  You are not the only road-goer, there are other drivers on the road, who may have been travelling for a longer distance and may also be fatigued.  

South Africa’s Emergency Numbers

We have prepared a handy pocket sized list for you to download and keep on hand if anything may happen.  We suggest you download it, and save the numbers on your phone, and keep a copy in your car where it is easy accessible.  Download it here

Follow the rules of the road, stay safe and travel safe!  Spartan Truck Hire wishes everyone a wonderful holiday season!