Renting a van is often the most economical choice for most companies as well as private individuals who require a van on a short to medium-term basis. When there is no need to buy a van, simply rent one!

In addition to a well-known Truck Hire service, Spartan Truck Hire also offers van rentals. We offer various van configurations and rental options.  

Our fleet includes 4 to 8-ton panel vans and a wide range of cargo vans.  View our Van Rental page for more details.

Factors to Consider when Renting a Van

Several factors need to be taken into account before considering renting a van, which will aid to minimise the associated costs.

  • Understanding Cost – It is critical to agree on a van rental fee with the truck rental company before collecting the vehicle or signing some paperwork.  Aspects such as fuel, insurance, and override km’s need to be considered when looking to rent a van.
  • Size of the Van – Depending on your needs, you should make sure that you end up renting a van that can accommodate your intended use.
  • Vehicle Assessment – Always make a thorough assessment of the vehicle before you collect it, as this will reduce conflict between you and the truck rental company if they claim you have damaged the van.
  • Distance – Ask your van rental company if they charge according to the distance travelled or if their prices are set for unlimited mileage.

Should you require any additional information about van rental or our van rental fleet, please feel view to visit our Van Rental page and complete the enquiry form.

Our service team will contact you and provide and with the information that you require as well as an obligation free quote.

Van Rental