Moving to a new home is one of the most stressful events in one’s life. No matter how many times you have done it, there is always an enormous amount of planning that needs to go into each move.  You need to arrange transportation, you need to pack and organise and clean etc…

We have prepared a download and print sheet to assist you with organising your home into boxes.  Download it here: 

How to use our Moving Packing Organising sheet:

The idea behind this sheet is to save you time, stress and money which is the Spartan way. 

  1. Print out the label page as many times as you need to so that you have enough labels for each room’s boxes. 
  2. Print out the Room Sheets and note down the items of each room.  
  3. Pack your goods into boxes.  On each box, use one of the labels for that specific room and number the boxes, and note down what is in each box. 
  4. On the Room Sheets, mark which box items went into.
  5. When that room is all packed up, boxes are labelled, and your Room sheet is corresponding, note the number of boxes for that room. 

Then repeat the process for each room. 

When your move arrives at your new home,  you will easily be able to sort boxes out into the correct rooms, and have that peace of mind that all boxes are there. 

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