Moving Tips & Tricks

Moving homes… Some people love it and other people hate it! Either way, moving is not the easiest task on earth and requires some careful planning.

Before you even start thinking about your move, remember to stay organised, don’t be scared to make lists and always plan ahead.

House Move Tips

1. The key to any move is boxes. There is no question that they just make moving easier. But they can also be a pain. Don’t buy or collect boxes that are too big as this makes handling them very hard. Don’t overfill your boxes with heavy items as they do tend to break open.

For ease of lifting boxes, make your own box handles as shown below:

House Move Tips
2. When it comes to soft non-breakable items such as blankets, stuffed toys, sheets or pillows. Simply put them in black bags. These bags can later be used to fill up spaces in the moving truck and they can be used to protect your furniture during transport.

Packing Tips

3. Remember to defrost your fridge/freezer a day or two before you move. This will prevent a smelly and wet mess in transit. Use old blankets or sheets to cover the fridge to protect it from getting damaged during transit.

Moving Furniture

4. When dismantling your home theatres, TV’s computers or any other electronics, remember to mark all the cords. It’s also a good idea to take a photo of the cords before you pull them out. The photo will come in handy when you put it all together again.

Furniture Removal Tips

5. Mark your boxes as you pack them. It’s also a good idea to mark which room they must be in once you’ve moved. Keep your new home in order from the get go.

Moving Boxes

6. Arrange for a baby/pet sitter on the day of your move. Not having your kids or pets around to disrupt you will help a lot!

Relocating Tips

7. When packing up your kitchen, make use of t-shirts to wrap your breakables in. This will save packing space for your clothing and it will save you in bubble wrap costs.

Moving Tips8. When it comes to moving your furniture and boxes, you should seriously look into a furniture removal service of sorts. Traditional furniture removal companies tend to be expensive. But there are other furniture removal options that will work out a lot cheaper.

At Spartan Truck Hire, we offer a moving truck rental service where you can hire a truck which come along with one of our drivers. We even give you the option to hire assistants to help with the loading and off-loading of the truck.

Furniture Removal

Moving is a challenging task but you can make it a whole lot easier by just being organised. Good luck with your move!

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