We would like to thank each and everyone who was involved with our Mandela Day project at Lokoloha Crèche on Monday. We really had a great day and made a huge difference in many lives!

The day started off at the crèche with some dancing with the kids while the new jungle gym was being built by Spartan staff members as well as a few community members who pitched in to help us. This was followed by a nutritious lunch and more fun and games with the children. Shortly after lunch, Mr Arnold Friedman arrived and the children put up a pretty impressive dancing and singing show for him. Once Joe arrived with the paint supplies, we got stuck into patching the walls in preparation for Joe to paint.

It truly was a great sight to see our staff members come together as a team to pull this all off. Due to the amount of work that is needed at the crèche, continued support will be provided to them. Joe is still carrying out much-needed repair work and painting.

A big thank you to everyone that was involved. A special thanks to:

  • Mr Arnold Friedman: Thank you for providing the resources and allowing us to assist  Lokoloha Crèche
  • Melanie & Kate: Panning  and co-ordination assistance
  • Flora Farm: For the donation of 3 apple trees
  • Cyber IT & Studymaster: For coming out to take photos and videos
  • Reinette Van Schaik: Facilitating, planning and making soup for the children
  • Chris Marnarwick (Bridgestone): For donating tyres to the crèche for swings and gardening
  • Joe: For doing all the repairs, maintenance and painting
  • Edwin & Isaac: For transporting staff and the supplies to and from the crèche
  • Spartan Staff Members: Charlene, Christina, Annelie, Danielle, Camille, Anton, Tracey, Bongani, Mathapelo, Paulina, Alice, Lizzy, Lucia and Prudence.