Many people choose to take their 4 legged family members with them when they go on holiday during the summer season.  Have you thought about trying it yourself, but are unsure about how to go about purchasing your dog or cat a ticket?

Here is some useful information on transporting your pets by air:


Pet-friendly airlines

There are a number of pet-friendly airlines, that allows your pets to travel safely with you.   Except for guide dogs, pets aren’t allowed in the cabin but travel in the cargo hold with the same temperature and pressure as the passengers in the passenger cabin.  

Different airlines have different policies for domestic animals, so it would be advised to call before you book, to make sure what is and what is not allowed. 

Here are 3 pet-friendly airlines, that allow domestic animals to travel with you on your trip:

Usually, the airlines charge you for extra baggage when you take your pet along.   Some charge you for extra luggage up to 32Kg, and others charge per additional Kg.  

To book your pet, it is best to call the airline in advance and get all the details to ensure that there is no hold up’s on the day of your flight. 

What you will need for the travel:

  1. You will need a crate, no larger than 1m x 1m – the SPCA has released a document to assist the crate that your dog or cat will be travelling in. View Here
  2. Ensure that all your pet’s vaccinations are up to date, and have the documentation on hand in case an officer may ask to view it on check-in. 
  3. Avoid feeding your pet big meals before his/her flight, because a big meal will cause a big mess in a small container.   A small snack will be sufficient. 

Third-Party Pet Travel Agencies

 If you do a quick Google search you will find a variety of companies, that for a fee, will make all the arrangements for you.  They also offer different services such as:

  1. Door to door: Where they will collect your pets from your residence, and deliver them to any address you provide. 
  2. Door to airport:  Leaving before your pets?  Your pets will be collected from your home, and you can fetch them directly from the airport after they have arrived. 
  3. Airport to airport:  Deliver your pets to the airport and collect them after their flight. 

Travelling with your furry or feathered besties is much simpler after you find out how it is done. If you are going on holiday without pets, we urge you to make sure that there is someone that will check in on a daily basis to ensure your pets are fed and watered and in good health. 




Transporting Pets