Spartan Fleet Management

If you are looking for full maintenance leasing (truck leasing) then you have chosen the correct company! Our comprehensive fleet leasing and management division provides vehicles finance and maintenance packages to both corporate and commercial enterprises.

Vehicle leasing is a simple way of acquiring and maintaining a fleet of vehicles at a fixed cost.

We specialise in offering tailor made transport solutions. Leave it to the us to spec the right vehicle for your application at the right price!

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A maintenance and leasing option that allows you to focus on your core business whilst outsourcing your non-core activities without using financial facilities or capital. This concept is used extensively in most first world countries and is on the increase in South Africa as business practice seems to be changing from ownership to Full Maintenance Leasing.

Short term FML

Should your company require a short term contract (minimum 12 twelve months) we offer FML rates on used vehicles. Conditions apply

Buy back options

Included in this division we offer to buy your existing fleet and lease it back to the company freeing the company of unwanted transport cost. Should you need any further info kindly contact us and one of our highly competent consultants who will advice you.

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For more information about our vehicle solutions, please call us on 011 394 3685.