Distribution / Managed Contracts

Managed Contracts Services

At Spartan Truck Hire there is a strong drive for continuous improvement and in-line with our customers’ requirements to offer a more comprehensive logistics packages. As a result, our Managed Contracts or Distribution Service was created.

Our object is to provide our customers with a fleet that is correctly configured for their specific needs as well as to supply on site management and management information systems. Our package also includes the provision of drivers and crew.

We therefore offer our customers with a comprehensive logistics outsourcing package with built in flexibility should their business requirements change over time.

Included in this offer, we provide clients with the option to comprehensively outsource all logistics and warehousing requirements. This enables customers to streamline administration while at the same time consolidating service providers.

Our approach to business has always been to find innovative and sustainable solutions that will enhance our business relationships for all parties concerned.

Our vision is to offer our customers with a competitive advantage in the market place through maintaining a focused approach to their needs whilst gaining an integral understanding of their strategic intent.

Our aim is to be the preferred distribution service provider in South Africa.