Thanks to Carol Schoultz from the Parker Hannifin Group who assisted us with providing Lokoloha Crèche with a generous donation of much-needed blankets, pillows and mattresses!

Lokoloha Crèche is a non-profit organisation that looks after many children for parents and guardians who cannot afford to pay for daycare. Thus allowing them to go out and earn a living while their children remain in a safe and caring environment.

With the generous donations that were received from the Parker Hannifin group, we were able to purchase:

  • 80 pillows  and pillowcases
  • 162 blankets
  • 100 face cloths
  • 160 nap mattresses

Thank you to Carol Schoultz from Parker Hannifin and Reinette from Spartan Truck Hire for facilitating the very generous donation.

No more nap time on cold hard floors!